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Dedicated Activist

A dedicated activist, I fight for ALL the people!


My inclusive agenda embraces: FOR:  cutting inflation, restricting windfall profits, fair taxes,

jobs with living wages, raising minimum wage, expanding not privatizing Medicare,

reproductive freedom, paycheck fairness, curbing climate change, ensuring clean air and water, sensible gun safety and protecting democracy.  AGAINST:  voter suppression, discrimination and downplaying January 6 insurrection.


Vern Buchanan, a scandal-ridden businessman, proudly puts the money before the many.


Buchanan concentrates on making permanent Trump Tax Cuts for the ultra-rich (like himself).

VOTES FOR: regressive taxes, banning abortion, privatizing Medicare, repealing Affordable

Care Act and slashing social programs. AGAINST: reducing inflation, raising minimum wage,

curbing climate change and investigating January 6. NAY VOTE examples: Inflation

Reduction, Ensuring Access to Abortion, Violence Against Women, Paycheck Fairness, Respect for Marriage, Affordable Insulin Now, PACT, Assault Weapons Ban, Bipartisan Safer

Communities and Enhanced Background Checks Acts.

Thank you for your vote!

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