The Big Liar and the Big Lie have infested large segments of the Republican Party and the American public with fact-free politics, groundless anger and bigotry.

Jan Schneider for Congress


Jan Schneider fights For ALL the People. She has practiced law up to the International Court of Justice, taught in law school, worked for the United Nations Environment Programme, published dozens of articles on environmental law, run a free legal clinic, served on multiple public interest boards and otherwise served the public at large. Vern Buchanan (R-FL16) voted with Donald Trump 89.4% of the time, including for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Trump Tax Cuts) benefitting the ultra-rich like himself, for privatizing Medicare, against raising the minimum

wage, against the rights of women, minorities and the LBGTQ+ community -- basically against the interests of everyone not like him. He has even been specifically endorsed and promoted by Trump.


The Big Lie has not only provoked the January 6, 2021 insurrection but also metastasized to politics and elections at all levels. Congress must work to reverse the damage Trump and his MAGA acolytes have done and to restore confidence in our democratic republic.

Meanwhile, civility has become an anachronism. In Congress, reasonably informed discourse has been supplanted by bitter recriminations and character assassination. Even the Supreme Court has become highly politicized, with certain justices disregarding time-honored principles of professional ethics and judicial conduct.


Concededly, all the blame does not lie with Trump and MAGA. Increasing voter suppression, purges and gerrymandering laid the groundwork, and such antidemocratic practices continue to flourish. The Supreme Court decisions in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and McCutcheon v. FEC, striking down campaign finance restrictions, did not help either. We the People have to take back our country – by exercising our right to vote!