Jan Schneider is a graduate of Yale Law School and earned a Ph.D. in political science from Yale University. Prior to that, Jan graduated summa cum laude from Brown University in three years; earned a Masters in International Relations and a Certificate from the Russian Institute of Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs; and received a Certificate in International Organizations from the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

Called a “wonk” and a “wonk with heart,” Jan will serve the people of the Florida 16th Congressional District intelligence, dedication and compassion.


Not just the wealthy 

deserve to be healthy.

Preserve Medicare without conversion to a voucher system and without cuts in benefits; support the Affordable Care Act as a vital step forward, but move to a more efficient and less-costly single-payer/Medicare- for-all insurance program; and fight for healthcare for veterans and military families, including protecting and improving the Veterans Health Administration.

Jan remains fervent about other issues as well. Please see our “Issues” section and “Jan’s Opinion Pieces.”