Jan Schneider for Congress

For All the People

Called a “wonk” and a “wonk with heart,” Jan will serve the people of the Florida 16th Congressional District intelligence, dedication and compassion. A graduate of Yale Law School, Jan practices law in Florida and has been actively involved in politics from local to international levels for many years.

Not only the wealthy deserve to live healthy, vibrant, and financially stable lives. In Florida, we have a particular commitment to our seniors, but all Floridian's will benefit from Jan's dedication to economic opportunity, and accessible healthcare for all the people.

At the core of Jan's platform is a firm dedication to the betterment of Florida and its residents. With critical focus on health, women, and our economy, Jan can be trusted to tackle the difficult issues Florida and our nation face. 

Join Team Jan!

Help Jan Schneider make a difference for the people of Florida’s 16th Congressional District, for Florida and for the nation.